Using a computer everyday can have more negative than positive effects on your children

Evolution of technology in the last few years.
Just few years ago, I’m thinking when I were a child, technology and video-games were something that helps socializing with other kids. I didn’t had a PlayStation or a supercomputer to game with (them didn’t exists yet), so I had to go to the game center with other friends of mine. After playing we come to the football field to play a match, have fun and in the night we come home to have dinner and then sleep, very tired of so much gaming and enjoy life.

Few years late, Sony presents the first PlayStation, a friend of mine buy it and instead of went to the video game room we went in his house to play with the new thing at football, with racing cars, tennis and many other games.
Of course we didn’t play in front of the TV the whole day, but we also enjoy soccer or basket played for real as well.
Since the first PlayStation come out, technology for “personal playing” have started to be every day more powerful, every day easier to bring with you. It might be wrong, but children at a given point started to consider computers and gaming console them friends. Gaming fields (real one) are every day more empty than the day before, while our children’s pockets become full of technology. Children with obesity problems are becoming “normal”, while skinny and healthy ones are more rare to meet.

From another point of view I can also say that computer are becoming every day important to have a good job. So probably we don’t have to demonize computer and technology too much: as parents or tutors of our kids we have to say a “stop” at too much technology.
Children must be children, and them have to play, run, having fun but for real.

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