The hard side of blogging: finding a good topic

I have personally started blogging five years ago, at the beginning the idea was “start having a position on the web”.
I gave to this blog the initial name of “Rangiroa”.
The name I chose belongs to a little island in the Polynesian French, but less famous if we compare it with Bora Bora for example. The idea of around blog’s name, and the blog itself was: talking from a less common point of view about famous topic. Reading articles following this fist post I can say without any kind of doubt that I never followed this initial purpose.

Following articles has topics like news or are made as a my personal bloc notes, that helped a lot of people: according to Google Analytics I get a lot of visits on an article that explain the differences between Windows 7 64 bit vs the 32bit edition. The whole article is based around my personal researches at the moment of the choice of the Windows 7 edition to buy, and in particular about some problems I got with Windows XP 64 bit edition.

Recently (about two days ago) I restarted blogging but in English in order to improve my writing skills: next 4th August I have the IELTS exam I have to pass to get the new visa to stay in Australia.
Few minutes ago I was thinking about which topic to talk about in this article, and I got few topics from the IELTS writing topics but I didn’t found anything that really interests me.

What I learn in those years of blogging is: best articles are the ones that comes from your soul, that you write for the pleasure of writing itself: blogs I follow on Twitter or with the RSS reader are blogs I discovered after a Google search (of course) but if you try to read another article I found that those peoples write because they love writing for them blog. Maybe they doesn’t write a topic for months, but when they write a post I am quite sure I’ll enjoy reading.

What I’m going to write on my next post? I don’t know yet, maybe it’ll be an article on the “bloc notes” section, or another (boring) article like this. :D

See ya to the next post!

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