Simply Order for Expression Engine 2.x

Simply Order is an easy-to-use expressionengine module allow you and your clients to order entries via drag and drop.

Simply Order features

  • Custom Ordering of entries
  • Easy to use drag and drop
  • Multisite support
  • Multi-ordering support
  • new features will be added soon.

How to use

On the system:

Download and put files following EE folder structure.

On your template:

On your template, you need to use an embedded variable to be sure that this work.
This is an example code for main template. The only requested parameter is the simply order id:

On the embedded template, we’re going to put this code:

That’s all! :)


Want to contribute? Great! Fork me on GitHub.
Please send me a message if you notice bugs, or if you have suggestions for improvements.

Download the module

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