Polarclock: uno stupendo screensaver per Mac e Windows


PolarClock 3.0 è uno screesaver molto bello che include calendario ed orologio. Disponibile sia per Windows che per mac e come widget per Mac a partire da OSX Tiger. Questa versione include 28 lingue, tra cui italiano.

Questa versione è stata notevolmente migliorata (si tratta di polar clock 3.0).  Veramente molto bello!

Riporto, direttamente dal sito le principali caratteristiche del prodotto:

  • Language Selection (28 languages so far)
  • Text alignment (outside, centre or inside of arc)
  • Font size 12 – 30pt
  • 24/12 hour clock modes
  • Flipping of text when it’s in the lower half of the arc (to stop it being upside down)
  • Guidelines behind arcs
  • Arc properties (thickness, padding, radius )
  • A spacer Arc for padding between Date and Time ( movable to be between any arc)
  • Continuous/Stepped motion (continuous was requested a lot, so that you can see a minute slowly stretching each second to become the next minute etc).
  • Ordering of the arcs. You can put the arcs in any order that you want.
  • Colours: Luminance, change the lightness of the arcs
  • Colours: Saturation, change the strength of the colour
  • Colours: Hue offset, change the hue of the arcs to between 0º and 360º.

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