JavaScript best practices

When you work in a large project all the developers should write code readable and that look like written by one person only. If this doesn’t happen the result is that other developers have to spend time trying to understand your unconventional way of coding. For coding correctly I don’t just mean adding comments to the code, but avoid for example intrusive JavaScript.

Another advantage of that is that you can avoid repetitive code, and develop faster. Sometime happened that me and other developers wrote code for exactly the same thing, but this could be avoided if just we follow the same standards.

On the web you can find many resources about that topic, so for my (and yours) comfort here’s a short list of useful resources.

JS: The Right Way

It’s a project hosted on Github full of resources for writing better code, and you can contribute with your own from Github.

JavaScript Garden

This is another amazing resource. It is organized by section, so that you can select the topic you are interested about. JavaScript Garden is as well an opensource project, maybe somebody can think about translating the content!

Learning JavaScript Patterns

This project is available for free or though a book (published by O’Reilly) if you wish to support the project. If you are new to JavaScript this project suggests you some useful book you should consider to read prior to get in more challenging reading such as those.

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