Avidemux 2.4 rilasciata (editing video)

Cos’è avidemux? È un software (equivalente a Virtual Dab per Windows) che serve per il video editing dei piùcomuni alcuni formati video.
Avidemux permette di modificare, tagliare, unire, applicare filtri ecc., supporta AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, OGM.
Il programma è scritto in C/C++ e usa il toolkit grafico GTK+, che lo rende indipendente dalla piattaforma. È disponibile per qusi tutte le distribuzioni GNU/Linux.


Ecco la lista dei cambiamenti (presa direttamente dal sito):

  • MKV and FLV improvements;
  • Mostly fixed decoding corruptions;
  • Improved OsX versions, including PPC;
  • A short changelog compared to 2.3;
  • Input and output support for MKV and FLV containers;
  • Rewritten MP4/MOV/3GP reader;
  • Support for Nellymoser codec;
  • New DV video output support;
  • New MPEG-TS support including H.264 Elementary Stream;
  • OCR support for MPEG-TS subtitles;
  • New video bitstream unpacker (improved compatibility);
  • Capability to pack video bitstreams;
  • New Yadif filter (ported from Avisynth);
  • Video filters can be loaded as external plug-ins (sample plug-in included);
  • Three interfaces now offered: commandline, GTK+ and Qt4 (Qt4 is still incomplete);
  • Several key dialogs have been revamped (GTK+ user interface only);
  • Preview system refactored;
  • Priority control added for encoding and video playback (Win32 only);
  • New Jog Shuttle control (GTK+ user interface only);
  • Support for Jog Shuttle hardware (Linux & GTK+ only);
  • New iPod and PlayStation Portable profiles;
  • New Glyph Editor;
  • Improved Bitrate Histogram;
  • JACK support (Linux only);
  • DirectX support (Win32 only);
  • New Avisynth Proxy GUI (Win32 only);
  • Improved crash recovery – session settings are saved and reloaded upon application start.

Troverete qui il pacchetto da compilare: qui.
Trovate questo software anche disponibile per Windows e MacOS X.